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This alternative healing method can help you in all situations of life. Do you want to heal a disease, resolve deep anxiety or problems, do you have difficulties in your relationship, are you suffering from sleeping disorders, do you want guidance in your journey of life or just unleash your full potential?


Together we will start to look for the origin of your issue and we will delve deeply into your subconsciousness. Blocking and restricting patterns will be recognised, energetically resolved and positively changed.


Transform your life, make your dreams come true and live the reality as you want it to be.




Do you want to know more about what’s going on in your life? Are there important questions which you cannot find an answer to? Are you unsure what to focus on in life?


A reading can give you clarity and help you understand the current circumstances in your life.

There is also the possibility to consciously build up a connection with the higher self, with the spiritual guides or your ancestors.

I would like to support you on your journey.


Contact me and make an appointment for a session.

A Thetahealing-session is also possible by phone, WhatsApp or Skype. It is as efficient and sustainable as a face-to-face session. I the theta state we work on the level of quantum awareness and have access to the universal field of energy and information, independent of place and distance.


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