This is where your ThetaHealing journey begins. It’s the first seminar to become a
Certified Practitioner.

Advanced DNA

Dive deeper into the world of Thetahealing and feel safer to work with this technique.

Dig deeper

Become confident in the digging and belief work, one of the main concepts in the
ThetaHealing technique.

You and the


Learn to understand the difference of the Creator’s voice versus your ego. What is truth
versus fear.

Intuitive anatomy

Journey through the human body in a way you have never experienced. Learn the beliefs
tied to each system of the body.

You and your inner circle

We must learn to truly love. Love ourself, love our friends, love our family, love our

Manifesting & Abundance

Learn to clear beliefs that are holding you back from creating the reality you wish for.

You and the earth



Earth is always trying to communicate with us, but are we really listening?

Rainbow children

Learn many funny exercises and games to develop your intuition and your spiritual



Learn about soul mates and how to attract yours.

World relations

Discover the beliefs about races, religions and cultures and free yourself from



Malin Schell is a wonderful teacher. With her big heart she leads you on high mountains of
wisdom. With empathy she holds the space and encharms you with deep insights into her personal journey. With my whole being, I feel honored to learn from and with her. I am
looking forward to many further intensive courses with her.

Through ThetaHealing, something like a gate to my potential and to my origin source has opened. Every day, I come closer to my full potential and everyday, more seems possible. It can flow freely through me, in my working life, my private life and my therapeutic work.
The course weekend with Malin was beautiful and very instructive. It is great to become infected by Malins sparkling excitement and to listen to her experiences and stories. I can highly recommend the course to everyone who feels the urge to learn this tool. JANINE